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Workshop on Frontiers in Game Theory and Networked Control Systems

October 10 - 12, 2008

The last decade has witnessed growing interest from the engineering community in game-theoretic methods for the analysis of networked-systems. Recent work in this area includes the use of game theory and mechanism design for resource allocation problems in noncooperative and cooperative environments and for the analysis of formation and design of networks. The engineering community has also started investigating core game-theoretic topics, such as learning in games, auctions, and computation of equilibria. Meanwhile, many problems in economics are increasingly using techniques from control theory, operations research, and computer science, including the study of social networks, mechanism design, and foundations of game theory. Finally, research interests of economists and engineers intersect in the study of competition and cooperation in communication networks, such as pricing and investment incentives.

This workshop aims at creating a strong interface among game theorists, economists, computer scientists, operations researchers, and engineers by bringing together leading researchers from each field. To realize maximum interaction among the participants, the workshop will feature seven sessions organized around the key themes of the emerging subarea of game theory and networked control systems. These seven sessions will be on:

• Cooperative control, consensus, and game-theoretic perspectives

• Competition and cooperation in networked-systems

• Learning in games

• Computational game theory

• Mechanism design and applications in networked-systems

• Social networks

• Foundations of game theory.



Registration is free; however it is required for admission. Please register on-line by using the link above.